About Us

About Us


Are you a busy gourmet?

You love cooking but you don’t have much time to spare. Or maybe you feel you lack a bit of technique?

Maybe you’re looking for that magic ingredient, the one that will turn a run-of-the-mill recipe into a smashing taste bud success?

Come to Poissonerie Nouveau Falero. You will discover a premium shopping experience.

Seeking the Perfect Meal for that Special Event?

Are you planning a dinner, meeting, birthday, or some other kind of gathering? Then, you must be thinking about getting some fresh fish.

Since 1955, the Falero team has been providing the greater Montreal area with an unparalleled selection and top of the line quality for its clientele. Let us serve you the fish from all over the world for that special event.

Trust us. You’ll be the toast of the town.

Contact us today and let us spice up your event.

Splurge-Worthy Ingredients and Chef Secrets

Each dish has its own special secret ingredient.

Whether you are the consummated kitchen pro or an amateur gourmet, you will simply fall in love with our choice of secret, and not-so-secret.

Come pay us a visit to learn more! Friendly staff, old world service!

Our friendly in-house experts are there to help you discover all of our offerings and they will treat you like family, just like any Old World neighborhood fish market.

Food is so much more than eating. At Falero, food is a daily pleasure that brings together family and friends and, as such, must be celebrated.

Whether you want to cook up the ultimate paella, or suggest the best fish – the Falero experts are there to help you out.

Why? Because we want to treat you in the best Mediterranean tradition, that is as part of our extended family.

So come visit us – we’ll share our best meal options, cooking tips and tricks so you can enjoy the best flavors, aromas, and meal ideas!